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PAAI Public Register

With the rebuilding of the register, several previous registrants did not indicate that they want to remain on the register and their names were subsequently dropped.

This list only lists the registrants that were on the previous list or who indicated that they want to be listed, and newly certified candidates.

Several registrants preferred not to be listed on this public register. Their status can be confirmed either by-

Public register of the Parental Alienation Association Ireland

Listed Parental Alienation Professionals (PAAI certified)

Teresa Clyne BA, MSc
D�Dannan Law and Mediation Services

Brendan Guildea LLB LLM

Caroline Langley BSc (Hons)
Barrister, Mediator,

Dympna O'Callaghan BA (Hons)

Brian O'Sullivan BA MSc.

Patrick Randall BA (Hons.) MA PsyD.
Forensic Psychologist

Ken Smyth
Solicitor (Lawyer)
Tel: (01) 6425670 Email:

Clifford Sullivan
Solicitor (Lawyer)

Andries van Tonder (Officially retired. Licences and insurance expired.)
On special request only if time is available, help with:
- Drafting "Family Law Conundrum Submissions".
- Identifying "Parental Alienation Offences".
- Addressing "Piranha Actions", and "Sadistic Separation".
- Supervision where needed.
- Education and training.

Listed Parental Alienation Knowledgeable (PAAI certified)

Aoife Griffin,

Other Professionals, not PAAI certified

None listed
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